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Special Notice To All Handheld and Desktop Users

Special Notice To All Handheld and Desktop Users

SeeMySchedule is also available as a high speed 32-bit desktop application and is available in Palm Pilot and Windows CE versions.

Click to Download Palm Version (PQA) Here

Click for Palm Installation Instructions

Click below to download our desktop application (recommended for power users and group scheduling).  Let the speed and power of our 32 bit application solve even the most complex scheduling needs.  All you need is the internet connection.  Whether you are a user or a provider, you are welcome to our free applications

We are serious about helping you with your scheduling and appointment needs.

Installing the SeeMySchedule.com Appointments PQA.
Downloading the SeeMySchedule.com Appointments OnLine query application is easy. Simply follow the instructions below:

Instructions for downloading and installing the SeeMySchedule.com Appointments OnLine Palm Query Application:

  1. Click the "Download Palm Version" link.
  2. Download and save the Appointments.pqa file to your desktop
  3. Double click the Appointments.pqa file. Your HotSync manager should open
  4. In your HotSync manager, click the Add button
  5. The SeeMySchedule.com Appointments OnLine Palm Query Application is ready to run.

Please Note:  By default, the SeeMySchedule.com Appointments OnLine application will appear in the "Palm.net" category of the Application Launcher.